The area of the Great Himalayas, India, is a wonderland of ancient monuments, breathtaking scenery, and a rich cultural heritage. India’s culture and customs are a beautiful combination of the past and the present. All over the world, India’s diverse language, busy marketplaces and towns, temples, colourful villages, sandy beaches, and contemporary period traditional Ayurvedic therapies have resuscitated the country’s image.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India’s beautiful landscapes entice visitors from across the globe with its regal architectural splendour and magnificent forts and palaces. Our India travel package includes a visit to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Leh & Ladakh, Kerala, Goa, and many more popular tourist locations. The magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan, the Taj Mahal and the amazing sexual carvings of Khajuraho Temples, the broad diversity of fauna and the golden sands of the Great Indian Desert will enchant you in the north of India.

The verdant backwaters and sun-kissed beaches of southern India may be explored with the aid of Vanshika Holidays. Visitors to South India are drawn to the area’s majestic temples, cool hill stations, pleasant spa treatments and ayurvedic massage, lush tea plantations, and peaceful ambiance. The true flavour of India can only be experienced via the country’s delectable cuisine. Every area of India is well-known for a wide variety of delectable cuisines.