Are you planning a trip to India during the summer? Then don’t forget to see the Taj Mahal, one of India’s most magnificent landmarks.

The Taj Mahal trip is one of India’s most cherished excursions. Agra and the Mughal monuments are must-sees on any trip to India. Distance from Delhi to Agra is 204 kilometres. A four-to-five-hour trip from Delhi takes you to the Taj Mahal. Throughout the year, the Taj Mahal attracts millions of people from throughout the globe.

You must first go to Delhi in order to see this monument to love up close. There are numerous more Mughal structures in Agra that have worldwide appeal, including the Taj Mahal, which attracts both local and international visitors. Taj Mahal tour packages include a wide variety of other Agra landmarks.

The Taj Mahal is regarded as the pinnacle of Mughal design. Empress Mumtaz Mahal, Shah Jahan’s loving wife, is commemorated by this mausoleum. Its white marble construction and beautiful embellishments have made it famous all over the globe. Compared to any other monument in the world, it is more evocative. Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri Fort, and many more monuments may be found in Agra.

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